Rita & Kirk {WEDDING} The Crystal Point Yacht Club Point Pleasant NJ, New Jersey Wedding Photography


St. Rose of Lima, Freehold NJ

Bridal Party Photos: 

Jenkinson's Boardwalk


The Crystal Point Yacht Club, Point Pleasant NJ


Amanda Dolly Photography

Rita and Kirk's wedding was one of a kind! They had a Man of Honor and a Best Woman,  played arcade games on the boardwalk before the reception...and oh yea and they were on the News on their wedding day! I completely loved everything about their boardwalk/beach theme. Their center pieces were beautifully done and very unique. Each was set on a little boardwalk with a photo of each one of the rides on Jenkinson's boardwalk...complete with Jenkinson's famous taffy! So it only made sense that we would go there to take the bridal party photos :). As it turned out a news crew from News12 NJ happened to be on the boardwalk at the same time and asked if they could interview Rita & Kirk, which they of course said YES to!  It was so much fun to capture that VERY special moment and it just made their day all that much more memorable. We had a blast in the arcade and on the boardwalk taking some really fun photos and then headed off to their gorgeous reception at The Crystal Point Yacht Club. Even if you don't know Rita and Kirk  you can see how deeply in love they are simply by the way that they look at one another. I absolutely loved working with these two and their family and friends! It was such an honor for me to capture their wedding day!

Enjoy the photos :)

On the news!

Such a fun experience :)

This little boy just happened to be playing when we all walked in and his dad stepped out to let Rita play with him...so cute!

Man of Honor and Best Woman :)

Seriously how cute are these two?

This is what love looks like

Snuck outside for a few photos on the dock...my favorite!

Congratulations Rita and Kirk!