Mommy and me and me | Photoshoot with my kids | NJ Family Photography

Hazlet NJ Family Photography

I had the pleasure of having some photos taken by my AMAZING assistant Gina Del Russo!!! Being a mom and having a business can make life extra hectic!! So a planned photoshoot is almost impossible! Once I realized I had some free time I seized the moment!! AKA threw this task on Gina last minute LOL- which she was very willing & excited about (hence why she’s the best!) I picked up my son from school with Anna, we walked home, got changed quickly (you could imagine how that went) and headed to Veterans Park which is right near my house. We met Gina there and all walked towards the playground. My baby girl Anna absolutely loves the swings & she was sooo happy that we were there! After some fun on the playground we headed to the fountain. On our way there we stopped at this awesome rusty bridge where Gina captured some more totally cute shots of us. When we got to the fountain the sun was setting so beautifully over the trees. I don’t know how Gina did it, the kids were moving around like crazy and I was throwing a lot of information at her haha but she did an incredible job! I even had her take a few of me alone to update my headshot and she was cracking up about how I “knew all the poses” LOL. After telling people how to pose so many times I guess it just comes naturally :P

I am absolutely in love with these photos Gina captured of us!! They tell so much of who I am when I’m with my kids- and who we are together! Benjamin is the sweetest boy and a bundle of energy all the time! He has been wiggly since the very first time I saw him on an 8 week ultrasound! The tech said they don’t usually even move around at that point yet LOL. Anna is so sweet and spunky! Her little personality is really staring to shine through and she has us all laughing at the cute things she says and does. I thank God for these two precious gifts every day and am so blessed to be their momma. I added some blooper photos at the end as well because I want to convey that the reality of having these photos done was not easy the entire time! We had some challenging moments on top of all the fun we had, but that’s what makes life LIFE. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do :)